What we see is how we feel.

Up days and down days are part of the human condition. We also can have prevailing moods and mindsets. We may be largely pessimistic, neutral, or positive.

We may think that what goes on in life affects our mindset. When things we think of as bad occur, we tend to feel more negative. When we have a lucky break, we likely are more upbeat.

Our prevailing thought patterns and emotions create a lens through which we perceive reality. That’s why various folks have such a different take on the same event. They are viewing it differently, filtered by their beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

This also explains why when something goes wrong on a particular day, we may get upset and then experience further struggles. We are predisposed to find hardships once that mindset is primed in us.

It’s commonly advised to try to find something positive in any circumstances. This can feel like Pollyannaism. But it actually has a practical basis. When we shift our thought patterns to anything resembling cheerfulness, we’ll have an easier time of what comes.

Today’s message invites me to up my positive mindset a bit. When I look for the good, I will find it more frequently.

Please reflect and share. How do your emotions affect your experience?