Savor the sweetness.

Savoring a favorite food or beverage is a familiar concept. We take our time to enjoy it, reveling in the flavor/texture and prolonging the experience. We may even mentally or verbally note our pleasure, intensifying the sensations and firmly planting it in memory.

We may do the same with other physical stimuli. The smell of a perfumed rose, the plushy texture of pet fur, the uplifting tones of music, or the vibrant hues of a sunset all can be savored as well.

We may not think to apply the concept to interactions. A conversation with a friend, a cuddle with our beloved, and playtime with our children are all reasons to indulge ourselves with complete enjoyment and to create great memories.

Today’s message reminds me that there is much everyday sweetness in life. When I savor it and commit it to memory, I train my consciousness to identify more opportunities to enjoy life fully.

Please reflect and share. What good thing have you savored today?