Walls are illusory.

We often experience or place limits between ourselves and others. We may rub up against boundaries from others. Or we may create them ourselves, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Fear or feeling the need for protection is often at the root of these walls. We or others want to feel secure.

We’ve decided, for whatever reason, that someone or something might not be safe. Likely, the feeling that another may not be safe arises from the fact that they are in some way different from us.

The origin for this need for safety may lie in the past or it may be spurred by current events. We may interpret what’s happening now via thought and emotions patterned by previous happenings.

It may be hard to remember—our need for safety feels so very real—but all separation between us and others is illusory. In divine reality, we are all interconnected, part of an inseparable whole consciousness.

Today’s message reminds me that when I feel the need for distance from another, it is all in my mind. I can take whatever kind and practical actions seem prudent, but I need to remember that I and others all house splinters of divine consciousness. We are all part of god consciousness.

Please reflect and share. How has your fear ever caused you to create protective barriers?

For more on this subject, please see Chapter 3 “Into and Out of Separation Consciousness” in my book “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.” Thanks!