Let the way come to you.

When we have a complicated problem, we usually look for a solution. Often, we’re searching hard. Still the answer may elude us.

The more we hunt for a solution, the more it may remain unknown. Our frustration can build, clouding our thought processes. We may wonder why things have to be so difficult.

Timing, patience, and a clear mind and heart are everything in problem-solving. When we remain confident that an answer will arrive at the best possible moment, we are less impatient and conflicted. Being of calm mind and heart will open us to options we might not otherwise have considered.

This approach shifts us from pursuing to allowing, freeing us and our energy to enjoy and experience life in the meantime.

Today’s message invites me to allow a solution to a current issue to present itself. Creation has my back and will surely gift me with the perfect answer, if I allow it to.

Please reflect and share. What problem might you release for solution?