Live the dream a little.

We all have obligations and responsibilities. They probably, even if we’re retired, consume a good portion of our time.

But we all have some measure of free time, if we allow ourselves to. We have at least an hour, maybe more, in which we can choose what to do and experience.

We all also have dreams of what an ideal life might look like. It likely is at least somewhat different from our lives as they are.

While we may not be able to shift the nature of a goodly portion of our lives—we may need to earn a living, may need to care for family, may need to handle household chores—we do have a choice on how we spend our free time, such as it is.

Do we sit and doom scroll on our phones? Or do we try our hand at the poetry we’ve always wanted to write? Do we learn to play a musical instrument, or do we binge watch the latest Netflix series?

That’s not to say that social media and TV watching is bad. But if it replaces activities we’ve always dreamed of but feel we don’t have enough time to pursue, we may wish to rethink our priorities.

Today’s message invites me to make sure I spend my free time in alignment with my dreams. If even a small portion of my day is switched to much desired interests, I’m that much closer to living the dream.

Please reflect and share. What dream activity might you somehow, to some degree, pursue?