Everything is always changing.

Many of us are control freaks. Even those of us who are not still can enjoy stability and safety. Mostly, we like to know what to expect from life.

This doesn’t occur as often as we might like. Life has a way of shifting and twisting. What we expect might happen may not happen.

While the mutability of events may be troubling to us, particularly if we enjoy where we’re at, it also can work in our favor. When things aren’t as we might wish, we can rest sure in the knowledge that they won’t remain that way.

Our life circumstances are always evolving. This fact can give us hope when we feel mired down in a scenario we don’t like. When we add some positive visualization and self-talk to our responses to the undesired situation, we are even more likely to see a pleasing shift in what is.

Today’s message reminds me that nothing is permanent. I can use my personal mojo to bolster life’s natural tendency to flow and alter, bringing about positive circumstances.

Please reflect and share. What would you like to see shift in your life right now?