Believe in your power for good.

We’re usually our own worst critics. Often, we’re dissatisfied with the results of our efforts. We may even go so far as to feel we’re unlucky or cursed, at times.

When we see ourselves as making mistakes or being harmful, guess what we’ll attract? Our negative self-image will help generate events that reinforce our poor view of ourselves.

Conversely, when we believe we’re capable of good and sometimes even great good, we keep our focus on our positive accomplishments and traits. Looking for good things about ourselves, we’ll be more likely to find them—now and in the future.

Being part of a divine, interconnected whole, we have an inborn capability for good and benevolence. The more we recognize this truth, the easier it is for us to access our positive mojo.

Today’s message invites me to see all the good I accomplish each and every day, sometimes simply by being myself. When I recognize inner positive power, it’s easier to let it flow naturally.

Please reflect and share. What is a recent example of your power for good?