Self-care comes first.

We all have duties and obligations. Responsibilities we feel we cannot avoid can consume much of our time. At work, at home, with our pets, in our friendships—we may find ourselves continually busy taking care of others.

Certainly, there are responsibilities we cannot simply ignore. Minor children and pets, who rely on us for their well-being, require care and tending. Likely we can’t simply quit our jobs; we need the income.

But a certain amount of the weight of doing and caring for others is self-imposed. We “should” on ourselves, with all the duties and activities we feel we should be doing.

But if we don’t carve out time for ourselves on a daily basis, we won’t have the energy and focus to be able to give to others. We can’t pour from an empty pitcher. We need to be healthy and well ourselves in order to effectively help others.

If we find that we resent rather than enjoy our responsibilities, it’s a sign we need to pull back a bit and tend to our own needs first. When we feel annoyed at helping others, it’s likely they can sense our irritation, negating the benevolence of our assistance. To be truly kind, we need to be good to ourselves first.

Today’s message invites me to devote more time and energy to my own needs. When I tend to my mind, body, spirit, and emotions lovingly, I’ll have more to offer the world.

Please reflect and share. How might you improve your self-care?