Praise the good.

Humans tend to focus on what they see as bad. We’re wired to remember what feels dangerous or what doesn’t work, so we can avoid difficulty in the future.

This tendency can lead us to notice and pay less attention to what we actually might enjoy. Even if we do recognize the good, we may fail to reward it or verbally acknowledge it. We can take the good for granted.

When we make a point to praise what we appreciate, we reinforce its existence in our lives. Having a grateful mindset, taking time to thank folks and recognize their efforts, and yes, even taking the time to thank ourselves and recognize our own accomplishments, all can lead to us experiencing more of what we enjoy. Besides, gratitude feels good to us and others, too.

Today’s message urges me to focus on praising what’s working well in my life. Even small blessings will tend to grow when nurtured with plenty of praise.

Please reflect and share. What might you praise today?