How we feel is what we see.

We may think of what we experience affecting our emotions, how we feel. And that is sometimes the case.

However, often residual or ongoing feelings can influence how we perceive events. If our emotions predispose us to be angry or to feel victimized, we’re more apt to react to situations with anger or feelings of victimhood.

We may actually attract or generate situations to fulfill our need to continue our habitual emotional stance. Additionally, we likely interpret events in a may that upholds our accustomed feelings and beliefs.

Conversely, if we feel lucky or blessed or if we have a generally cheerful disposition, we’re likely to experience situations that reinforce our positive emotional stance.

Today’s message invites me to look at how I often regularly feel about life. Is this the way I might choose to feel? If not, I’ll want to examine what I gain by continuing to perceive life through a particular prevailing emotional lens. I can choose how I wish to feel and experience.

Please reflect and share. What has been your most common emotion?