Praise the positive.

Many of us struggle with communication. We may have difficulty being clear and concise in conveying information, thoughts, and feelings.

A number of us struggle with communicating personal boundaries. We may find it hard to say what we don’t like or want or what we’re not willing to permit.

We may, however, not pay enough attention to saying what we do want and like. When something occurs that we prefer or enjoy, we may fail to reinforce the good with gratitude and praise.

Positive reinforcement is a highly effective tool for getting more consistent and desired results. It works well with pets and other humans. It’s even helpful when we use it on ourselves!

Today’s message reminds me to be verbal about what I like and enjoy. When I praise others and myself for positive results, I’ll find I experience more of what I like and enjoy.

Please reflect and share. Are you comfortable praising yourself and others?