It’s the little things.

We generally think of our satisfaction in life as linked to the big things—marriage, career advancement, having children, buying a home, getting a degree, taking a dream vacation.

We may work and strive toward these goals, feeling they will make life worth living. A tight focus on achieving these dreams may sometimes overshadow what is going on in our lives right now.

And right now is the time we have the most control over our own happiness. In any given moment, we can choose in that exact moment how we think and feel about what is going one. We get to decide how to perceive our situation.

Life is made up a continuous patchwork of small events and occurrences. They flow together seamlessly, creating the fabric of our existence. How we react to and view these little things dictates the general tone of our overall lives.

When we flow happily through life, finding joy in the small things one after the other, we create for ourselves a good life. This attitude of appreciation for average and day-to-day occurrences is more powerful in generating a happy life than all our larger achievements.

Today’s message reminds me to be in love with the little things in life. My best life is one in which I am grateful for all aspects of my existence.

Please reflect and share. What’s your relationship with the little things in life?