What are you hanging onto?

Today I had reason to go into our attic. Once there, I was dismayed by a large stack of empty boxes.

Granted, some of them were really good boxes. We stored them when we purchased items, thinking that if we ever needed to return the item or wanted to resell it, the original box would be helpful.

I waded in—literally—and soon discovered we had boxes for items we no longer owned. Clearly our strategy of hanging onto boxes wasn’t as helpful as we thought it might be.

We’ll break most of the boxes down and recycle them gradually as they fit into our recycling bin. This will be a bit of a chore. Certainly more so than if we had simply recycled the boxes initially.

We all have our quirks about what we can’t release. Obviously, one of ours was boxes. But each of us hangs onto things/ideas/memories long past their usefulness.

Today’s message invites me to more regularly review what I’m retaining and why. The attic will feel clearer and more spacious without stacks of boxes. My life can be that way too, in general, if I habitually hang onto less.

Please reflect and share. What is it time for you to release?