Leave your wishes behind.

We all have wishes, big and seemingly unattainable desires. “I wish I was wealthy.” “I wish I was married and had children.” “I wish I could retire at age 50.” “I wish I lived in an exotic climate.”

These wishes capture our hearts and imaginings. They ride in the background of our awareness, kind of pie-in-the-sky visions. We’d love to see them come to pass, but we likely don’t think they ever will.

As they sit in the back of our minds, they still consume a trickle of our energy and mojo. They take away from what we can and are willing to try to accomplish.

Unlikely wishes also keep us feeling we can’t get what we want. They feed a belief that we’ll remain unfulfilled.

When we take action, however small, toward these dreams, we at least ignite their possibility. The odds improve that we’ll achieve them or at least some semblance of them.

Also focusing on what version of these wishes we have right now—a week’s staycation can be a slice of early retirement—we can be grateful in advance for what we hope to have in the future. This primes the pump, so to speak, of getting energy flowing toward what we desire.

Today’s message reminds me that I’m in charge of fulfilling my own desires. When I devote my energy to enjoying what I have right now and taking small, practical steps toward my goals regularly, I just might surprise myself by seeing my wishes fulfilled.

Please reflect and share. What unlikely wishes do you have?