Hold helpful beliefs.

Each of us has our own individual beliefs. They cover self-image, relationships, social interactions, the existence of a divine being, and the flow of life in general.

Sometimes our beliefs give us strength and purpose. Belief in divinity may offer us comfort and fortitude in difficult times. Belief in ourselves may give us the confidence to take worthy risks and try new things.

Other times, our beliefs make life more difficult to traverse. Belief that other people, in general, can’t be trusted leads us to avoid closer personal ties and can make our interactions thornier. Belief that we’re not good enough can cause us to fail before we even really try to succeed.

Today’s message invites me to review my personal beliefs, especially if I am struggling with a situation. When I ensure I only believe in things that will benefit me, I’m more likely to experience good things consistent with my beliefs.

Please reflect and share. How might a review of your beliefs help you?