It’s always getting better.

We have definite ideas about what is good for us and what isn’t. When things are the way we like them to be, we feel life is good. When things aren’t as we might wish, we feel we’re in a bad patch and hope the situation doesn’t worsen.

Life is by its very nature all about change. Shift and growth are always happening in Creation. Change is always going on in and around us.

When we’re willing to think of change as healthy and normal, we just might be able to perceive shift as beneficial. It helps keep us from being stagnant. It makes life interesting and sometimes challenging, but it keeps us growing and evolving. And that’s the point.

Today’s message reminds me that any unbidden shift in my status quo can be a good thing. When I’m willing to explore and work with Creation’s shifts, I struggle less and enjoy more.

Please reflect and share. What unexpected improvement is happening in your life?