Pay attention to your words.

We all talk about our lives, what’s happening, and what we think about it. All of us interpret reality in our own way, and we like to share.

It’s important to remember that Creation hears what we’re saying. It will co-create life with us according to our thoughts and beliefs, and especially in line with our words.

“Life is hard.” Guess how things will be for us.

“Things always work out for the best for me.” This will yield a different sort of result.

This doesn’t mean we can’t talk about our difficulties. It does imply that we might want to be mindful of the verbal spin we place on our experiences.

Today’s message advises me to remember that when I talk about life, I’m ordering up more of the same. When I speak lovingly and gratefully about what I like, I ensure a repeat helping.

Please reflect and share. How do you speak about your life?