Positive is as positive does.

Many of us understand the value of positive thinking. We’ve realized that our thoughts affect our outcomes. We’ve seen the need to align what and how we think with what we want for the best results.

However, further alignment is useful when manifesting our goals. We also need to keep our words and actions positive and on track as well. If we think positively and act negatively or in a way that doesn’t match our dreams, we won’t see optimal results.

Actions are said to speak louder than words, and this is true with manifestation as well. When we take positive, concrete steps to achieving our goals—in other words, backing our visualization play—we are far more likely to achieve what we hope to see.

Today’s message reminds me that manifestation isn’t only nonphysical mustering of energies in alignment with my dreams. I also need to talk and walk in accordance with my goals.

Please reflect and share. How do you manifest what you want?