Nurture your happiness.

Some of us may feel we need to be loved and nurtured by others in order to be happy. Feeling others care about us gives us a warm fuzzy.

While we can’t control what others do to make us happy, we are in charge of what we do to foster our own sense of happiness. We can bolster our own fulfillment and joy in life through nurturing, both giving and receiving.

When we nurture others lovingly, our heart is open and expanded. Whether we’re caring for friends and family, pets, a garden or home, or a dream, our love brings us a sense of hope and happiness.

When we nurture ourselves, we give ourselves the gift of ultimate caring. In accepting ourselves fully, as is, we reinforce for ourselves that we are worthy and intrinsically beautiful. By tending to ourselves and our needs lovingly, we further bolster our sense of personal value.

Today’s message invites me to nurture myself and other beings and things more consciously. Caring for myself and others, I bring hope and light into my life.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel when you nurture?