Honor your allies

Many of us have someone (or more) who’s always there for us. They back us up, help dust us off when we fall, care for us when we’re ill, and offer us honest communication.

These folks are a blessing in our lives. Yet it is all too easy to take them for granted, to assume that they’ll always fill that role for us.

If we’re not expressing gratitude to them and aren’t offering the same consideration and concern in return, they could become frustrated or feel undervalued. Worse, we could be being selfish in a negative way, one that disrespects the love and caring of others.

We honor these allies by recognizing the gift of their love and offering the same back to them. Communicating how much their caring means to us in word and deed helps both them and us feel good about our relationships.

Today’s message reminds me that allies come in all forms—friends, offspring, lovers, coworkers, pets, family. When I note all the richness, beauty, and strength they bring to my life and return the same, I create a closed loop of caring.

Please reflect and share. Who always backs your play?