Do it happy.

Most of us have everyday routines. Some activities we truly enjoy doing, others not so much.

On days where we’re engaged in our passion, it’s easy to feel happy. After all, we’re doing what we want to be doing.

On days where there are more mundane tasks, it can feel like more of a slog. It’s harder to feel joyful when we’re doing something we’d rather not be doing.

This occurs because we consider happiness to be situational. In our way of thinking, our happiness depends on external events and circumstances.

If we shift our way of thinking to define happiness as a way of being in relation to existence, our take on daily life can shift.

When we’re grateful to be alive and enjoy life in its many variations and manifestations, there is an underlying core of joy that supports us and all we do. We’re essentially happy.

Today’s message reminds me that how much I like or dislike what I’m doing depends on me. When I’m unhappy in circumstances, the quickest way to change that is to shift myself and my thinking.

Please reflect and share. How might you be more consistently happy?