Say what you mean.

We all make small talk. We have light-weight interchange with others.

Our reasons for this may vary. We may simply want to fill empty talk space with sound. We may wish to appear friendly without actually being intimate. Or we may sense that our conversation partner wouldn’t deal well with anything else.

Whatever our reasons, whenever we communicate with others it helps if we do so from our genuine self. When we don’t pretend, when we’re as honest and real as the situation permits, we truly share ourselves. And that is a gift, both to others and to ourselves as well.

Others can sense when we’re genuine. It encourages them to be so as well. And with a little mutual consideration, we can manage a real exchange without offense being given or taken.

Today’s message invites me to share myself honestly with others. In being more fully genuine, I connect with others more completely.

Please reflect and share. Are you good at saying what you mean gently?