Assets before liabilities.

We all know we’re mixed bags. There are aspects of ourselves we like or are proud of. Then there are others that we’d rather not own or regret.

Somehow, when we think of ourselves, our less than stellar traits may come to mind first. We tend to think of what’s wrong with us instead of what’s right.

Chances are, we have many more plusses than minuses. Yet, we tend to see ourselves as more flawed than perfect.

Most of us are kind, considerate, compassionate, and generous—at least much of the time. We’re also probably fairly smart, practical, creative, and hard-working. We care about others, often more than we care about ourselves.

We take all these aspects of ourselves, as well as our specific talents and skills, for granted. When we judge ourselves, we forget to place these aspects in the plus column. Instead, we’re likely to focus on our less than admirable traits in the minus column.

Today’s message invites me to take a positive self-inventory. It’s time to remember all the good I do and contain.

Please reflect and share. Do you give yourself credit for your best aspects?