Take in what nurtures you.

We’re a society of consumers. This can be a problem, in that perhaps too much is available to us.

Our meals out can be supersized. Streaming and cable TV offer endless viewing and listening options. We can doom scroll for hours with ever-fresh content. Concepts, positive or negative, can be explored at length with a few clicks.

With so much ready for our consumption, we may not be discriminating about what we take in. It’s easy to overdo things or fill our minds and bodies with whatever comes along.

While it’s nice to have so much to hand, not all of it is healthy for us. Not the makeup of what we consume, not the quantity.

Today’s message reminds me to monitor my intake. Do I need to eat/read/watch this? Will it help me in any way? Is there something else to do/eat/interact with that would be healthier for me? Being discerning about what I take in is an act of self-love.

Please reflect and share. Do you monitor your intake?