Do the extra when it matters.

I’m repainting my living room this weekend. Taping the woodwork took a long time. So did removing the tape. There was considerable labor involved in the three coats of paint needed to get the desired effect.

I need to do touchup and paint the woodwork yet. All and all, a time-consuming process. But the gold metallic paint Nate and I chose is lovely and delivers just the effect we hoped for.

The repainted room will bring us pleasure for years to come. When I cringe at the amount of work involved, I remind myself that this is my chance to make the room look as I want it to for the foreseeable future.

Not everything we do needs to be perfect or even fairly good. We’ll certainly want to invest our time and effort into things and folks who matter. Spending cuddle time with an ailing pet, supporting a struggling friend or family member, completing a home project (as I am)—all these are worthy of extra effort.

Routine everyday tasks likely don’t need to be done perfectly. Good enough will do. Afterall, we’ll always have another chance in the near future to mow the lawn, do the dishes, clean the toilet, or write a routine work email.

Today’s message invites me to be discerning about how and where I invest my time and effort. My time is my most precious commodity and I’ll want to invest it where it counts.

Please reflect and share. Are you a perfectionist? If yes, are you a perfectionist in all things or only in some things?