Ready or not, here life comes.

We all have goals we postpone. We think that the timing must be optimal for us to be successful.

We have all sorts of reasons: too busy, not prepared enough, don’t have the needed seed money, don’t feel confident in our plan.

If we wait until all these conditions align optimally, we’ll never get started in this lifetime. While we’re sitting in neutral life is going on without us, perhaps in a direction we’d prefer not to travel.

Sometimes our imposition of conditions on our goal is a result of fear or reluctance. We dream up reasons why we need to delay. Likely all the reasons are valid. But they may not be showstoppers. We probably could make some sort of start in spite of them.

Today’s message reminds me not to wait on the sidelines for life to deliver what I want. I need to be an active participant in the process through visualization, planning and prioritizing, and taking steps (however small).

Please reflect and share. What postponed dream might you act on in some way now?