Limit your limits.

We all place limits on ourselves. “I never go to bed after midnight.” “I only have one piece of dessert.” “I’m not good with numbers.” “I prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate.” “I enjoy conversing with like-minded people.”

With our beliefs, thoughts, likes, and dislikes, we limit the ways in which we’re willing to experience life. We carve out an often-narrow sliver of existence that we’re willing to inhabit.

While it is okay to choose to spend our time in ways we enjoy, we cut may cut ourselves off from experiences we might enjoy because of our self-imposed limitations. Our preferences and beliefs and thoughts about ourselves can prevent us from the joys of exploring life.

Today’s message invites me to notice when I impose limits on myself and choose wisely. While it is certainly healthy to give myself boundaries, I won’t want to cut myself off from potential happiness. Discrimination in my limits will serve me well.