Break the habit.

We tend to think of habits as good or bad. Good habits we classify as ones that promote our well-being. We deem habits that are to our detriment as bad.

Regular self-care can be a good habit. Alcohol or drug abuse can be a bad habit. And it is healthy to have routines to keep ourselves sane, well-nourished, and fit.

But even good habits can be problematic at times if they’re inflexible. Routine for routine’s sake isn’t always helpful. Having a cheat day occasionally when on a diet can be okay. Skipping a workout now and then may be alright.

As long as we’re mostly keeping to good habits and are avoiding bad ones, we’re likely just fine. Being obsessed with routine may be more unhealthy than the occasional habit slip.

Today’s message invites me to stick with my good habits—most of the time. As long as my behavior is overall supportive of my well-being, I’m doing well.

How about you? Are you flexible with your habits?