Lift up your eyes.

The concept of being present encourages us to put our focus on the here and now. Not the past; not the future; but right here, right now.

This is a healthy and sane way to be. We’re not lost in reminiscence, regret, or recrimination, and we’re not focused on pipe dreams or fear of what might come to pass. We experience what is to the fullest when we key in on the moment.

That said, we can expand our perspective of the here and now to see beyond our preconceptions of what is to fully apprehend more of what actually is. When we lift up our eyes to see life’s grander purpose, the here and now is more beautiful, mystical, and fulfilling.

Today’s message invites me to open my vision to all of Creation in the moment. When I experience divine interconnection in everyday events, love will infuse my vision.

Please reflect and share. What truth might you perceive by lifting up your eyes?