Learn to swim.

Swimming is often considered to be a general life skill. It enhances our safety and can save us if we find ourselves in deep water.

Swimming also can be a leisure activity, a way to have fun. Some folks swim as a form of exercise, too. They get healthier and stronger by moving through water.

The water element is a metaphor for the emotional world. Emotions can be a source of joy and a possible danger as well. If we aren’t proficient in dealing with our emotions, they can overwhelm and drown us.

When we know how to handle our emotions, especially strong ones, we know how to be immersed in them without any ill effects and may even find they enrich our lives. In learning how to “swim” through emotional waters, we find a way to traverse difficult emotional situations safely and perhaps even calmly.

Today’s message encourages me to up my emotional intelligence. When I understand and can navigate my own and others’ emotions, life is more fulfilling and less fraught.

Please reflect and share. How adept are you at navigating emotional situations?