Please be present.

We’re busy people. We’re taught to think ahead. Multi-tasking is considered a work skill.

All of this often leaves us with split focus. We’re doing more than one thing at once. Often our mind is on the next thing instead of the current thing.

While this is somewhat problematic with physical chores—we’re ungrounded and unlikely to give our best effort—it is really troubling in interactions. We talk with someone and scroll on our phone at the same time. We may even have sex and watch television at the same time.

When we multitask during interactions, we only give part of ourselves to the other person. We limit our intimacy and may risk misunderstandings because we’re not really present and listening.

Today’s message invites me to be more present in my personal interactions. When I really focus on the other person, I give the present of my caring and attention to them.

Please reflect and share. How often are you fully present in your interactions?