Your remembered light shows the way.

Sometimes we struggle. We may feel weighed down by life or uninspired. It can be enough, in these times, to just keep putting one foot in from of the other.

We see others struggling, too. The tiredness, sadness, frustration, and fear we see in them is all too familiar. We may wish to help them but feel uncertain of what we can practically do, particularly if we’re also having a hard time.

We also have periods when we’re at our best, when we’re cheerful, energetic, positive, and in love with life. Those feelings can seem very far away when we’re in a negative space.

However, we can reconnect with that energy by remembering we have the potential to be happy and vital. Looking back to a time when we felt joyful and enthusiastic, we can inspire ourselves. We also can channel our energy from that time to boost others.

Today’s message invites me to remember peak moments in my life and use that energy to buoy me up and forward. I have inside me everything I need to be happy in this moment.

Please reflect and share. What positive memory from your past can you leverage to activate your positivity—for yourself and others—right now.