Today’s blessings are enough.

Most of us have a checklist in mind, the things we believe we need to live a good life. Certainly health, relationships, socialization, and money are likely to fall on that list.

It’s easy to worry about the future. Will we have enough of wellbeing, love, fun, finances? Even if we’re fine right now, our fear of an inadequate future can poison our happiness today.

Certainly, it helps to make good choices to set ourselves up for a stable future, at least with the items we control. But so much of what happens doesn’t seem to be entirely up to us. We can fret that we’ll be caught short or by surprise.

If we’re willing to live more in the moment, it all comes down to whether our current blessings are enough to make us happy. If we’re honest with ourselves, usually they are. The goodness of right now suffices to kindle joy.

Today’s message suggests that I focus on what is going well in the moment. I have reasonable health, lots of love, good food, shelter, am safe, and am experiencing wonderful things. My life as is in this moment is all I need.

Please reflect and share. How do your current blessings suffice to give you a good life?