What makes you smile?

Much of our lives is filled with things we believe we should or need to do. We have lists; we have guilt; we’ve made promises.

And while it is important to honor our word and to treat others kindly, that isn’t our primary purpose in existence. We are here to love life!

Gratitude for being alive is our most important role. Our job, as one small aspect of Creation, is to treasure and respect all of Creation, to find joy in life.

So, we are doing well when we smile—a lot. When we are happy and feel content, we are fulfilling our role as part of divine interconnected love. That said, we are best served when we find our create reasons to smile, when we cultivate happiness and gratitude.

That doesn’t mean that our lives will be smooth and effortless. They won’t. It does mean that we look to find what speaks to our hearts in life and focus on and treasure that.

Today’s message invites me to create smile opportunities for myself. When I cultivate opportunities for joy, every part of my life including the hard parts is lightened.

Please reflect and share. What might make you smile right now?