Where are your priorities?

Most of us have a sense of what we want out of life. There likely is a gap between how our lives are and what we would want to see in the future.

At times we may struggle with this disparity, wondering why we can’t have more of what we want. We may be disillusioned by not living the life of our dreams.

So, we put one foot in front of each other daily and slog on in the hope that things might change. Often, they don’t, or perhaps not as much as we’d wish. Sometimes, our vision seems to recede even further off in the realm of possibility.

The primary determinant of whether we achieve our goals is us. If we’re not getting there or anywhere close, we either have a dream that is too grand to be achieved shorter term or we aren’t focusing our energy primarily on our goal,

It’s true—life does intervene. Setbacks, lack of resources, obligations to others all can consume our effort, leaving us less to contribute to our dream.

However, we often squander our precious time and resources on things and activities that don’t support our vision. We may get lost in social media, spend frivolously, or engage in self-sabotaging behavior. Our dream is put on the back burner when we do so.

Today’s message suggests I may wish to review my daily habits and activities to ensure they actually support my goals. When I place priority on things that further my objective, I will get there more easily and quickly.

Please reflect and share. Where are your priorities misplaced?