Willingness is often scarcer than choice.

Sometimes we feel boxed in by circumstances. It can seem there are no good options in a situation. Each possibility we can think of may have some sort of downside.

It can be hard to decide what to do. None of our alternatives may appeal to us. There may seem to be only poor choices and marginally better ones.

We can feel constrained and angry or resentful of the limitations. Because we don’t like the restrictions circumstances place on us, we may avoid choosing. The longer we wait, the worse it can feel.

Our frustration impedes our willingness to decide. It also keeps us focused on the limitations, perhaps so focused that we may miss recognizing other possibilities.

When we acknowledge that even not choosing is a choice and are willing to calmly make what appears to be the most palatable decision, we free ourselves. From a more neutral space, we will be able to evaluate more clearly and act more effectively.

Today’s message suggests that more willingness will help me navigate complex situations more easily. When I release resistance, a wider range of options is there for me.

Please reflect and share. Where might you benefit from additional willingness?