Rest when you need to.

One of the flaws of our society is that we all don’t seem to get enough rest. We short ourselves on sleep and downtime to get things we feel are necessary accomplished. Or we can be sucked into the allure of social media and spend hours scrolling rather than resting our mind and body.

Our attitudes are part of the problem. Grinding is considered to be sexy; napping is not. Getting eight hours of sleep may be thought to be for retirees (in contradiction to the fact that many older folks find it harder to sleep long hours uninterrupted).

If we feel like we need or want more sleep, we may see it as a weakness. Giving our body what it requires and asks for is healthy self-care, but we likely don’t view it that way.

In scanting sleep and rest in favor of activity, we ignore the fact that we are more effective and efficient when we’re well rested. We are mentally sharper, physically stronger, and emotionally more even when we give ourselves adequate rest.

Today’s message reminds me to listen to my body. When it wants rest, I’m best to give it to myself generously and without guilt.

Please reflect and share. Do you allow yourself enough time to rest?