The magic is in how you see things.

Today Nate and I viewed the Beyond Monet exhibit. Monet’s paintings revealed everyday scenes—landscapes, people, buildings, boats and trains—in ways that highlighted their charm and beauty. He had the gift of making the usual look extraordinary.

The use of color and light along with his suggestive brush strokes, created visions of great wonder and magic. Being immersed in his way of viewing reality was an exquisite experience.

Quotes from Monet were projected on the walls, along with moving montages of his paintings. He wrote about his relationship to his art and what inspired him to paint. His words highlighted his dream of sharing his impression of the world with others.

This is an opportunity we all have—to find the awe and beauty in life and to share it with others. We might write or create art or music, or we may simply share our perceptions of everyday things like clouds, shadows, flowers, or traffic sounds. But the magic is in how we receive things in our own individual way.

Today’s message reminds me to look for beauty and splendor in all moments. The more I flex my magic perception muscle, the stronger it will become.

Please reflect and share. What magical vision are you willing to share with us?