Believe in goodness.

Sometimes, particularly if we follow the news closely, we can get caught up in negative events. The horror of what is and what might be can envelop us, sinking us into depression or despair.

We may wonder where goodness is in our world. Pollution, politics, prejudice, and pandemics seem to be dragging our human race down.

If we’re willing to look, there is also so much good going on, too. Often this occurs at the individual level. Folks are treating each other and other life forms kindly. People are helping others in dire circumstances, lifting them up. Voter participation is increasing, helping us make our voices heard. Together, our small efforts can have a larger impact.

Today’s message invites me to make a daily practice of recognizing the good in the world. When I focus my attention on what is going right, I fan the flames of hope for me and for others. I can also contribute my own modest efforts, making life around me sweeter and kinder.

Please reflect and share. What goodness do you see today?