Wait and try something else.

Sometimes things just don’t work as expected. We take a breath and try again only to experience the same result.

It’s annoying. We’re not sure what, if anything, we’re doing wrong. We just want it to work.

The more frustrated we get the more snarled things seem to become. We may be tempted to keep trying to muscle on through.

This usually doesn’t have the desired result. We simply become more vexed.

What often works best is to give it a break, forget about the issue for a while, and immerse ourselves in another activity. Then later, we can try again using a different tactic. The break from frustration may release a logjam in our mind, allowing us to identify a new approach.

Today’s message suggests I may wish to stop beating my head against a wall. When I move on from my frustration, I free my creativity to find another way.

Please reflect and share. Where are you stymied and what might you try to get unstuck?