Limit your willingness to whine.

We all have days, days where things just don’t go our way. Small mishaps, miscommunications, lost items, and disagreements all can make our days seem long and arduous.

The more frustrated we get with things, the more they seem to go astray. It can feel like we simply can’t catch a lucky break.

It’s human nature to want to complain when this happens. We may feel the weight of our misfortune eases if we can tell someone else about it.

Usually, this doesn’t mean a simple recounting of facts. Our narrative may tend to get emotional, representing ourselves as victims of circumstance.

The more we focus on our setbacks, the larger they loom. Certainly, we’ll need to deal with them. But it may not serve us to dwell on them. That just invites the energetic flow of Creation to repeat similar circumstances for us.

Today’s message advises that when things go awry, I may wish to limit my whining. Adopting a can-do stance in dealing with problems will help me deal with them more effectively. It also will spare my friends and family from listening to victim speak.

Please reflect and share. What do you do when you notice you are whining?