Inspiration comes from feeling.

Some days we just aren’t inspired. We may slog along through life on those days, doing the necessary and not enjoying much.

We may try to dredge up inspiration, looking around us to find something, anything that stimulates us. Each of us will have our own unique sources of motivation. What’s important isn’t the source but how it makes us feel.

Our emotions—wonder, appreciation, longing, ambition, desire—are what drives our inspiration. Without the feelings, everything can just seem flat.

When we’re feeling blasé, keying into our emotions or lack of them, will help us understand what we need to get out of our rut. Remembering times we’ve felt awe, yearning, passion, or gratitude can give us clues to how to rekindle those emotions.

Today’s message invites me to delve a little deeper into the emotions that support my drive. When I feel inspired, life is more exciting and challenging.

Please reflect and share. What inspires you?