Not all bad, not all good.

We tend to like to think of things as either bad or good. It’s easier to make definitive judgments. We can plump down for or against something or someone and feel comfortable staying in our position.

Yet, life is more nuanced than that. Actions that look to be wrong in one set of circumstances can appear to be correct in a different situation.

Stealing food from our neighbor is different than sharing a meal with them. In both instances, we’re eating their food. Is that good or is that bad? The why of the situation becomes quite relevant.

People and events also don’t fit neatly into categories. Essentially good people do regrettable things. And reprobates can have kind hearts. Calamities can have good results. And the best of intentions can go awry.

Today’s message reminds me that judging and categorizing simply isn’t useful or helpful. When I take things as they are and try to find the good in them, my life will have a more positive bent.

Please reflect and share. How might ceasing to judge benefit you?