See yourself kindly.

Human society seems very prone to judge. We’re quite observant of others’ behavior. Often the opinions we form seem to be negative. We may be predisposed to be critical of others.

This can lead us to have a negative sense of life in general. That isn’t healthy for us. What we encounter life tends to meet our expectations, positive or negative.

As much as we judge others, we’re far harder on ourselves. We may have a running critique of our actions and thoughts running in our heads like a ticker tape.

Our self-judgement affects our expectations about what we are, have, and can do. If we think we don’t deserve something, we’re less likely to get it. When we believe we can’t do something, we probably won’t.

If we want to be happier, healthier, and more abundant, it helps when we deal with ourselves kindly. A positive self-image also makes us feel more benevolent, in general. And that may lead us to view others kindlier as well.

Today’s message advises me to offer myself more grace. Self-love and appreciation give me a good basis for a great life.

Please reflect and share. Do you tend to be judgmental and toward whom?