Love bestows beauty.

It’s fairly easy to initially want or desire something or someone that’s beautiful. Attractive appearance stimulates a positive response in us.

Over time, as we learn the other person or thing our feelings may or may not change. Other qualities will make themselves known, further spurring our attraction or making it lessen.

Even the most wondrous looking people and objects age. Folks develop wrinkles and gain weight. Upholstery becomes shabby. Grey hairs appear and hair sometimes falls out altogether. Paint jobs rust.

In order to survive longer term, our passion for someone or something beautiful needs to be fed or justified. The object of our desire must prove to be what we hoped they/it would be based on initial appearance.

Conversely, we can develop love for anyone or anything. A partner conventionally considered unattractive may wow us with their splendid personality or fascinating mind. An ugly sofa may be incredibly comfortable and durable. A scruffy pet may have a sweet, loyal, and loving nature.

When we feel love for someone or something, love based on their/its true nature, it becomes beautiful and eternally desirable in our eyes. Our sincere appreciation and gratitude feeds love.

Today’s message invites me to consciously love a wider variety of folks and things, for exactly who or what they are. The more I love freely, the more satisfied and happier I will be.

Please reflect and share. What makes you love someone or something?