Make it good.

It may seem that our everyday lives are a bit humdrum. We have routines, we follow them. We know what to expect, which may be comforting but also can feel monotonous.

In any day, there are certain things that go well. The coffee tastes especially flavorful. We wake up less tired or achy than usual. We have a pleasant encounter with people or nature. We run into a string of green traffic lights.

Often, we may notice these gifts but don’t make much of them. We’re wrapped up in what we intend to do and miss out celebrating and savoring minor blessings.

When we notice and appreciate them, we realize just how rich our lives are. Our perception of existence shifts in a positive way.

We can help fill our lives with benevolence and satisfaction by generating good ourselves. We may take the time to stretch in the morning to help our body feel its best. Or we may deal with others kindly, blessing both them and ourselves.

We may gift ourselves with downtime, taking a few minutes to relax, regenerate, and unwind. Or we may treat ourselves to a fun activity, something that makes us happy.

Today’s message reminds me that I’m in charge of the goodness quotient in my life. When I am present to appreciate the blessings that come my way and intentionally generate blessings for myself and others, my life truly is good.

Please reflect and share. What makes your life good?