Baggage is only useful on trips.

We all have baggage—emotional wounds that haven’t healed, situations or folks we can’t or won’t forget, memories that plague us. These things are a weight we carry with us daily, even when we’re not aware of doing so.

It’s as if we’re continuously lugging around a heavy suitcase of things we don’t currently require. The load burdens us, but we don’t or won’t let go. We have a vested interest in continuing to hang on.

We might feel guilty if we left the weight behind us. Or we may need to feel a victim or to punish ourselves. The situations may have been so painful that we are afraid to work through and resolve them. Suffering may bring us attention from others. Or we may have repressed our memories and emotions around a painful event, but we’re still carrying the heaviness unconsciously.

When we’re honest with ourselves about the baggage we hang onto, we can begin to divest ourselves of its weight. Freed of the burden, we will have more energy and focus to apply to the things and people we love.

Today’s message invites me to review what weight I may be carrying with me. When I look to find ways to unburden myself, I will feel happier and freer.

Please reflect and share. What might it be time for you to release?