Find something to smile about.

Some days are harder than others. They can seem to be under a cloud of difficulty and challenging emotions.

We usually recognize this, but frustration with ourselves for feeling this way can make things seem even worse. We’re upset and we’re mad at ourselves being upset.

When we’re stuck in the muck, it can help to smile. Even a faked smile will change our brain’s biochemistry. A smile helps release neuropeptides that support neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. The endorphins may even help reduce perceived pain levels.

It may seem hard to do so, but at almost any time we can find something to smile about. We may need to prime the pump, so to speak. But we can recall a funny joke, watch comedy on TV, savor a happy memory, or identify something to appreciate even if it is simply wearing comfy clothing or enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Today’s message advises me to smile a bit more often. The change of seasons into cooler and greyer fall weather is sometimes a bit challenging for me and smiling will help ignite the warm feelings I associate with summer.

Please reflect and share. What can you smile about right now?