Pay attention to the good.

There seems to be a plethora of less than stellar events right now. Global warming, natural disasters, the economy, issues around immigration, global tensions and war, prejudice, the political divide, covid-19 and its lingering effects, and on and on. It might make one believe we’re living in particularly troubled times.

Especially if we engage with social media, it can be difficult not to be bombarded by negative news and opinions. Once we’ve focused on one or more of these issues, we may be challenged not to dwell on them.

However, there is so good going on in and around us. We wake up every day and our bodies work fairly well. We’re safe, have shelter, and have enough to eat and drink. This alone is much to appreciate.

In addition, we usually have more than enough means to meet our immediate needs. Friends and family (humans and pets) are available to love us and be loved in return. All around us, folks are being kind to each other and often to strangers, too.

Sometimes the good is larger-scale—daring rescues, cease fires, or large charitable donations. While this level of good often makes the news, it may not have the emotional hook for us that bad news does.

Many times, the good is everyday good—kind words, letting someone skip ahead of us in line, unexpected savings, or the beauty of a sunrise. It is nonetheless good and should be recognized and remembered as such.

The more we consciously register and store up the good in our memories now, the easier it will be for us to recognize it in the future.

Today’s message reminds me that good is always ongoing in and around me. When I place my focus there, life feels more benevolent.

Please reflect and share. What good thing is happening for you right now?