Inside us we know what to do.

Sometimes we feel in a quandary. We’re presented with a situation in which we’re unsure of what to do.

The correct course of action isn’t clear to us. Because we’re not certain, we may end up feeling paralyzed and not doing anything.

Worse, we may berate ourselves for our uncertainty and potential inaction. We’d like to think of ourselves as assured and in-charge and judge ourselves if that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In the physical world, we may not have all the data yet as a basis for a good decision. And we may never consciously have that complete access to relevant information.

In the spiritual realm, we can tap into all the wisdom of Creation—past, present, future. However, we’re likely not aware of that pipeline of knowledge.

And that is where trust comes in. Trust in ourselves. Trust in the divine. Trust in our innate interconnection to the divine.

Our bodies, through our unconscious mind, are in direct connection with divine Creation. If we listen to the signals they give us, we just might find we really know what to do.

“I felt it in my heart.” “My gut was telling me no.” “I feel anxious just thinking about it.” “The whole idea gives me a warm fuzzy.”

Today’s message invites me to partake more freely of my body’s wisdom. My internal guidance system will steer me true.

Please reflect and share. What signals is your body giving you right now?